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Configuring the ET 200SP HA in PCS 7 based on different configuration examples

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文档编号:109747703| 文档类型:常问问题| 发布时间:2023年10月25日
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PCS7 系统全新系列IO产品ET200SP HA推广,支持冗余,不停机下载,SOE,故障安全等功能

The hardware innovation SIMATIC ET 200SP HA has been specially designed for demanding deployment in the process industry. In conjunction with the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, the distributed I/O provides you with a scalable and highly available I/O system. A higher-level control is connected via the PROFINET communication standard.

Highlights of SIMATIC ET 200SP HA

The video shows the highlights and functions of SIMATIC ET 200SP HA and its components.

Objective of the documentation            

Various configuration examples are provided to demonstrate the flexibility and scalability of the distributed I/O SIMATIC ET 200SP HA.

This includes the configuration of the PROFINET interface module and the configuration of the innovative and flexible input/output module (standard and highly available) of the ET 200SP HA. A practical example of a HART field device is provided to demonstrate the step-by-step configuration of HART variables and a multiHART area.

The Advanced Process Library (APL) as of V9.0 is used for the CFC engineering of HART communication with multiHART.

Core contents

  • General information about the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA
  • HW Config of the ET 200SP HA (standard and highly available)
  • Signal configuration of the input/output module
  • Hot-swapping and expansion of modules during operation
  • Integration of a HART field device in SIMATIC PCS 7
  • Configuration of multiHART areas and HART variables
  • CFC engineering


This application example is valid for:

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 CPU 410-5H Process Automation, as of Firmware-Version 8.2
  • SIMATIC PCS 7 as of V9.0Documentation   Configuration ET 200SP HA in PCS 7 (1,7 MB)
    Further information

Delivery release "SIMATIC ET 200SP HA Distributed I/O System"

Manual "SIMATIC ET 200SP HA Distributed I/O System"

PROFINET in Process Automation with SIMATIC PCS 7

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